Important Announcements

Pre-ordering the PC version of Shadowbringers
Before pre-ordering the PC version of Shadowbringers, please check which PC version of FINAL FANTASY XIV you own. The Steam and Windows versions ARE NOT cross compatible. Please ensure you order the correct version of Shadowbringers for the PC version you already own.
If you have purchased the incorrect version, please contact your retailer to cancel your order and place a new one for the right version.

PS4 retail version code issues
We are aware of an issue with some codes from the PS4 Stormblood Standard edition, which are shown as either invalid or providing Early Access. Please check this article to find out how to get your missing items/licenses.

Square Enix account regions & registration codes
Expansion codes need to match the region of your account, i.e. you need an EU version of Stormblood for an EU account. To identify your region, check the currency used in the Mog Station (USD=US, EUR/GBP=EU, YEN=JP).
To avoid region mismatches, please purchase Stormblood from a retailer within your region. Square Enix is unable to assist with incorrect regional purchases.

EU customer support cannot assist US customers
Due to data security policies, EU customer support does not have access to accounts of US customers and is unable to assist them. If you are a US customer and have an issue with Stormblood, please contact the US support, open from 9 AM to 6 PM PDT Monday to Friday.


Frequently Asked Questions