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When will the in-game items for FFXIV: Dawntrail Collector's Edition be available?

The following in-game items will be distributed via in-game Mog Letter once you have registered your Collector's Edition code. Please note that you will only be able to register your Collector's Edition code from 02 July 2024. Items will be delivered sequentially after the official release of FFXIV: Dawntrail on 02 July 2024. If you do not receive your items, please wait up to 96 hours before contacting support.

- Ark Mount
- Wind-up Garnet Minion
- Chocobo Brush

Bonus items are sent to all characters, existing and new, on the Service Account to which the Collector's Edition code is registered.


Please check whether you have the correct entitlements on the Mog Station by following these steps:
     - Log in on
     -  If you have multiple service accounts, select the service account you want to check.
     - Click on “Service Account Status” from the left menu.
     - Scroll down and check the table detailing the versions of the game that are registered on your account.
     - Please check the “Collector's Edition” column is marked with a ✓ symbol for Dawntrail.
If the ✓ symbol does not appear, then you do not have the entitlements. If you do have the correct entitlements, you should receive the items within the next 96 hours.

Please make sure you have registered the Collector's Edition code on your Square Enix account. You can find further information on this process here.

In order to receive your Collector's Edition bonuses, please log in to the game on the chosen character and stay logged in for a while before disconnecting.

Please also ensure that you have enough space in your Moogle Letter Box (less than 20 letters) to receive the Collector's Edition bonuses:
     → Speak to the Delivery Moogle. Select the tab "Purchases & Rewards" and be sure to check each letter to retrieve any items unintentionally left behind.
     → Please clear your letters by retrieving the items that are attached to them. You will then receive your Collector's Edition bonuses within 96 hours.

If you are still unable to find the items, you can ask to have them re-sent by clicking on the option. "Reward Delivery Request" in the Moogle Letter Box menu (top right). We recommend disconnecting from the game then logging back in.

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