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If you have mistakenly linked your Square Enix account to the wrong platform account used to play BABYLON'S FALL, please contact us via this form to request assistance.

If you wish to continue using your SQEX account with a platform account separate to the one that it's currently linked to, please submit your request after thoroughly reading and agreeing to the terms listed below.
Please note that we are unable to provide assistance for this matter unless you agree to these terms.


  • Assistance can only be offered to those experiencing one of the following issues. We are unable to provide assistance for any reasons other than the ones listed below:

  • ・You linked your Square Enix account to the wrong platform account.
    ・You purchased the game using a separate platform account to the one that’s already linked to your Square Enix account.
    ・You no longer have access to your platform account.
    ※Please contact Customer Support of the platform you are playing on if you lost your ID or password for the platform account.

  • This account link change service is limited to once per Square Enix account.

  • If you are logged in to BABYLON'S FALL at the time of the link change, we may have to suspend your account temporarily. Please note that you will be forcibly logged out from the game even if you are logged in at the time.

  • This service can take up to a week to process.

  • We will relink your SQEX account to a new platform account.

  • Once your request has been received, you will be unable to cancel or make any changes to your request.

  • We will provide a temporary Square Enix account for the link change. Please launch BABYLON'S FALL with the new platform account, and link it to the temporary account provided.

  • ※Please note that the PS Store pre-order bonus "1000 Garaz" is only available once for the SQEX account that is first linked to the PSN account on which the game was purchased, and therefore the right to obtain it will be lost once this temporary account is linked.

  • The provided temporary Square Enix ID is valid for 3 weeks. Any changes to it, including any purchases will be lost and are non-recoverable and non-refundable.

  • Any trophies and/or achievements obtained on the old platform account will be lost and it may not be possible to obtain them again.

  • Please note that this is an optional service, and we may deny any request depending on the status of the Square Enix Account. If your request is denied, a response will be sent to the email address you enter on the form below.

Please complete the form below and click "Next".

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Please explain the reason for your link change request (e.g. I purchased an expansion on the wrong account for PSN).

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