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How to use the Square Enix Support Center

Welcome to the Square Enix Support Center Help

What is the Square Enix Support Center

The Square Enix Support Center is a centralized support site that provides product information and solutions to the frequently asked questions and issues with our products and services.

Highlights of the Square Enix Support Center site

Our Square Enix Support Center website features several helpful tools and sections, including:

News Articles

Title Search

Top 5 FAQ

Search and Search Tips

How to Contact Support

Square Enix Account

The Square Enix account is a free service that allows you to access all of Square Enix's online services. With a Square Enix account, you can associate multiple IDs from current services to a single Square Enix account and enjoy features only available to Square Enix account holders. Additionally, the Square Enix account will be required to access all of our future online service To create your free Square Enix Account, click here.

Product Support Pages

The Square Enix Support Center also features product support pages that are specific to an individual title. These pages are available for all of our current shipping products, as well as some of our previous titles. Included in every support page are helpful resources for that title, including:

Links to the latest technical and in-game support articles and how-to FAQs

A Search tool that provides direct access to search for articles in our Knowledge Base

News articles that list the most recent news or topics for specific products

Top 5 FAQ that list the most recently or commonly used articles

Search tips to help you focus your search to assist in finding a solution

How to Contact Support if you are unable to find the solution through our Knowledge Base or FAQs

News Articles

This section will list any news articles that have recently been uploaded.
Check here for any latest updates regarding our services.

Knowledge Base

We strive to constantly improve and update our technical and in game support articles that make up the Knowledge Base. You'll find numerous articles that address common issues and provide steps to resolve them, helpful tips, and general information for a majority of our products and services.

We invite you to share your feedback and offer suggestions on how we can improve the content of our articles, the user experience or any issues you encountered while using our service. Please note that this is for feedback submission only. For help with a specific technical issue while using the site, you will need to create a support contact for further assistance. We appreciate all feedback supplied to us as your views and opinions are important, but we do not respond to these submissions directly.

To submit feedback, use the menu on the left to search for the product by either game title/series or platform. Once you have selected the product, you will be taken to the support page for that product. Click on the "Contact" button and then click on the "Report" button and follow the instructions to submit your feedback.


You will find a helpful Search box located in the menu on the left of the support page.

You can also perform a search by entering a part of the title in the search box. You can search by game title which will then take you to the product's support page.

Once you are at the product support page, the frequently asked questions for the product will appear as well as a search function for further inquiries. If the frequently asked questions do not offer a solution to your issue, you can enter your question into the Search.

You can search by specific keywords or phrases. If the displayed frequently asked questions or Knowledge Base articles do not provide the solution to your questions then you may contact Square Enix for further assistance. Please see the section on "How to Contact Support" for additional information.

Search Tips

Choose Title / Platform / Category / Subcategory whenever possible

Narrow the focus of your search by using specific term or keywords that would likely be found in the article you are looking for

Top 5 FAQ

Displays a list of recently or commonly used articles. For support issues, it is good to review this section to quickly find answers to our most common support issues.

Contact Us

If the Frequently Asked Questions or Knowledge Base articles are unable to offer you a solution to your issue, you can contact Square Enix for further assistance. Please follow the instructions below for contacting Square Enix.

Choose your product

Review Top Articles or Search for Topic

Review articles for your answer

Request additional assistance if necessary


Square Enix does not provide game hints or tips. Depending on the issue, we may not be able to answer questions even though it is not related to game strategies

We are unable to provide support for products purchased overseas

We are unable to provide support for issues caused by copied products or mishandling

We may not be able to answer the question regarding registered information and terms and conditions

We are unable to accept suggestions for products or related events from individual customers

We are unable to accept requests for a tour of the facilities. However, if you would like to know more about Square Enix, please refer to our "Company Information" section

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