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The Mog Wardrobe

    Mog Wardrobes
The Mog Wardrobe is a paid optional service that allows you to increase the number of Mog Wardrobes in FINAL FANTASY XI above 2. It is a subscription-based service and can be set up in the Square Enix Account Management System.

Subscription Length/Cost
The subscription length matches your FINAL FANTASY XI subscription and is billed in the same intervals. If a Mog Wardrobe is added in the middle of a subscription period, the cost will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, depending on the number of days left in your current FINAL FANTASY XI subscription period (minimum charge is £0.70/€1.00).

Adding additional Mog Wardrobes during the Free Trial period can be done free of charge. If the additional service is not cancelled before the Free Trial is over, subscription charges will apply afterwards.

Accessibility of Items in additional Mog Wardrobes
Items stored in additional Mog Wardrobes are always displayed in the game. However, it is not possible to store or remove any items from additional Mog Wardrobes without a valid subscription for them. If you are currently using this optional service and plan to cancel its subscription, please be sure to remove all items you would like to keep having access to from the additional Mog Wardrobes before the subscription runs out.

You can cancel the subscription for this optional service at any time in the FINAL FANTASY XI section of the Square Enix Account Management System, under ‘Options List’. Cancelled options remain available to use until the subscription period ends and can be re-subscribed to at any time.

If you have any further questions about the Mog Wardrobes, please contact us directly.