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Customer Service

For general inquiries, begin by selecting the contact category that best relates to your issue and provide a brief description of your issue

A list of relevant Knowledge Base articles that are related to your issue will be provided. Please review this list to find likely answers to your issue

With technical issues, you may seek for a help by looking up reports on similar issues or post questions on the FINAL FANTASY XI Forum: Technical Support

If the supplied articles or the forum do not provide an answer to your inquiry, then you will have an option to seek further assistance.

Report to Special Task Force

Reports to the Special Task Force can be used to report illegal activity within FINAL FANTASY XI (such as the use of third-party software or the selling of game data through RMT).
*The Special Task Force exists for the purpose of dealing with illegal activity in FINAL FANTASY XI and working to create a healthy gameplay environment.

These forms are intended to submit information to the STF team and not an avenue to receive support. While we review each form submitted, individual responses to these forms are not provided. If you require customer support, please use the "Get Support" button provided above

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While we value your feedback and review each submission, we do not provide responses to these types of contacts. Thank you for your submission.