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Online manners and account penalty policy

Engaging in actions prohibited by the PlayOnline Member Agreement, the FINAL FANTASY XI Software License Agreement, and/or the User Agreement & Policies may result in a GM-issued penalty against the account used by the offending player. All violations are recorded permanently and repeat offenses will result in heavier penalties being imposed. Players will be notified of the details of their penalty via PlayOnline Mail. Offending characters may be sent to the in-game detention area, Mordion Gaol (jail), where they will have the details of their penalty explained by a GM.

Account penalties are divided into the following categories:

1- Warning:
Minor policy infractions will result in a warning from the GM. The offender is warned that his actions are in violation of the user agreement, and is instructed to cease such conduct in the future.

2- Account Suspension:

Severe policy infractions will result in the GM suspending the offending account for a set period of time. Suspended accounts cannot be used to access PlayOnline services for the duration of the suspension. Account suspensions are referred to as Penalty Boxes (PB), of which there are three types: 24PB, 48PB, and 72PB. Which PB is issued will depend on the severity of the violation and past record of the offending account. The numbers refer to 24, 48, and 72 hours after 0:00 (midnight) the day after the suspension is issued, signifying the duration of the suspension. Any account that is dealt a 72PB will be investigated and considered for termination by the Account Administrator. In this case, the suspension will remain in place until the completion of the investigation, even if this exceeds the 72-hour period

3- Ban:
An account ban permanently revokes PlayOnline membership and is carried out by the Account Administrator in the event of a severe violation. Accounts that have been banned will not be reinstated under any circumstances.


In addition to the penalties explained above, a GM may issue players with a caution. Cautions are intended to inform players that continuing their current course of action may result in a violation of the user agreement. While cautions are not penalties, failing to heed the GM’s instructions may result in the account being penalized.

Repeat Offenses:
Players committing a violation following the issuance of their first PB will be penalized with a 72PB and investigated for account termination. Similarly, incurring multiple warnings may lead to the player’s account being banned, depending on the severity of the offenses accumulated. Additionally, certain violations may result in an account being considered for termination at the first offense.

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