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Security Tokens and Software Tokens

Why use a Security Token?

Security Tokens and Software Tokens serve as an additional  layer of security for your Square Enix Account, by introducing a requirement  to enter a one-time password to access your account.

To learn more, please  read what is a one-time password?

Please see below for further information regarding this service, as well  as steps to resolve some potential issues you may encounter.

Software Token

A One-Time Password can be obtained by opening the Software Token  app and clicking the “Show One-Time Password”  button. Please note that the One-Time Password will become invalid  after 60 seconds.

If you wish to log into the PlayOnline Viewer after registering  the Software Token, please enable the One-Time Password via “Settings”  in "Member List". Next, enter the appropriate One-Time Password  when logging in once the One-Time Password is enabled.

Square Enix Account Management System
If you wish to log into the Square Enix Account Management System  after registering the Software Token, simply enter the One-Time Password  in the “One-Time Password” field.

To register a Software Token, log in to the Square Enix Account Management System  and select “One-Time Password” under “Service and Options”.  Select “Adjust Software Token (Smartphone application)  settings” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please  note that the Software Token requires iOS 7.1 / Android 3  or later. Using it on older versions may work but is not recommended.

Please note that you cannot use a Security Token and Software Token  simultaneously.

The Software Token can be removed using the following steps:

     1. Log into the Square Enix Account Management System  using your Square Enix ID and password. 
     2. Select  “One-Time Password” under “Services and Options
     3. Select “Adjust Software Token  (Smartphone application) settings
     4. Select  “Removing the Software Token from Your Account” 

The One-Time Password will no longer be required after removing  the Software Token. If you have added a Software Token to your  Square Enix account and cannot access the app anymore for any  reason, please go to the emergency removal page  to remove the Software Token from your account. Should you no longer  have your Emergency Removal Password, please contact us through this form.

If you have added a Software Token to your Square Enix account  and cannot access the app anymore for any reason, please go to the emergency removal page to remove the Software Token from your account.

Should you no longer have your Emergency Removal Password,  please contact us through this form.

The Emergency Removal Password allows you to forcibly remove  the Software Token app from your account in situations where you cannot  log in with a One-Time Password, e.g. if your smartphone is lost or  stolen.

Make sure to note down your Emergency Removal Password  and store it in a safe place.

The Emergency Removal Password will be displayed on the Square Enix Account Management System main page after  logging in.

If you are unable to login with a One-Time Password  (e.g. your smartphone is lost or stolen), you won't be able to see your  Emergency Removal Password and will need to contact our Support Centre  through this form.

Note: The actual account holder must contact  our Support Centre.

Security Token

To use a security token, it has to first be registered online. Only  one user can use a single Security Token.

A six digit  number password will appear on the security token screen once the button  is pressed.This password changes after 30 seconds. Please enter the  password within 30 seconds. 

When logging into the PlayOnline Viewer, please make sure you have  selected to use the One Time Password on the Member Settings Screen  under Member List. Enter the displayed password in the One Time Password  field.

Square Enix Account Management System
When logging into the Square Enix Account, please enter the  One Time Password on the Square Enix Account Management System when prompted.

You can purchase a Square Enix Security Token from the Square Enix Store.

Please note that you cannot use a Security Token and Software Token  simultaneously.

To remove the security token, please follow the method below:

     1. Log into the Square Enix Account Management System 
     2. Select  "One-Time Password" under "Services/Options"
     3. Click on "Adjust Security Token  (key ring type) settings"
     4. Select  "Security Token Removal" from the available options

After removing the Security Token, you will no longer be required  to enter a one-time password when you log in.

Please note  that after removing a Security Token, you will not be able to use it  again. If you wish to use a Security Token in the future, you will  need to purchase a new one.

If you play FINAL FANTASY XI  and have a Mog Satchel because of the Security Token, it will  no longer be available in the game once you remove the Security Token.

In order to switch from a Security Token (key ring type) to a Software Token,  you must first remove your Security Token, then register the Software Token.

Please follow the steps detailed in “I  would like to remove the Security Token from my account.”  to remove your Security Token.

If you have linked a Security Token to your account, and lost your  Security Token, please contact us through this form.

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