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Security and safety

Will there be security at the venue?
Yes, there will be security at the event to help ensure everyone is safe and has a great time. Bags will be checked upon registration for and entry to the event. Please do not bring any blades, swords, lances, or any other dangerous or illegal items (or items that could be mistaken for dangerous or illegal items) to the event. Live animals are not permitted at the event (subject to local law). There is a strict smoking ban at the venue; no smoking (including electronic cigarettes) except in designated outdoor areas.

Guests who (i) are disruptive, disrespectful to guests or staff, or violent; (ii) are or appear to be inebriated or under the effect of illegal or illicit drugs; or (iii) fail to follow instructions on posted signage or provided by event or venue staff may be temporarily or permanently removed from the event.

Will there be first-aiders on hand?
Yes, first-aiders will be available throughout the venue

Will there be disabled access to the venue?
Yes, the venue is set over several floors and has disabled access. If you have any special requirements please contact us ahead of the event by contacting the Support Center.

Will the event be loud?
While the general atmosphere should remain at a standard volume, there is a chance that the volume of the event will be very loud. We advise you to take precautions in advance and bring earplugs.

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