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How do I take measures to prevent my account from being compromised?

Preventative Measures Against Unauthorised Account Access

We advise taking the following measures to safeguard your account information from malicious third parties.

- Do not share your SQUARE ENIX ID or password with anyone, even if you are close friends. Do not keep a paper copy of your SQUARE ENIX ID or password in an easily accessible location. Remember that SQUARE ENIX will never ask a customer for their password for no apparent reason.

- Do not click on suspicious links when browsing the web. Also, avoid using third party, unauthorised “helper” programs, since they can lead to account information becoming compromised.
Periodically run Windows Update, virus checks, and keep your security updated to the latest version.

- There have been cases where personal information has been illegally accessed even with virus software installed and tight security in place. Please remain vigilant and do not assume that you are protected from programs capable of compromising personal information. Please also exercise caution when using a smart phone to access SQUARE ENIX services.

- When deciding on your password, avoid strings of characters that are easy to guess and periodically change your password.

- If you become aware or suspect that someone has obtained your SQUARE ENIX ID or password, please change your password immediately and/or contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Centre for assistance.