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2024/05/31 17:00 from FOAMSTARS

Issue with STARRY POP and GROOVY DISCO Premium Pass

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.

Some players experienced an issue which caused Premium Pass track rewards for STARRY POP or GROOVY DISCO to be removed from their account.
Launching the game during the season automatically restored the rewards. However, if the game was relaunched after the season ended, the rewards were not restored.

STARRY POP: 01:00AM February 6, 2024 (UTC) to present.

GROOVY DISCO: 01:00AM March 9, 2024 (UTC) to present.

STARRY POP: Players who purchased the Premium Pass and experienced the issue described above.

GROOVY DISCO: Players who purchased the Premium Pass and experienced the issue described above.

STARRY POP: Eligible players will receive a download code including all items from the STARRY POP Premium Pass (up to and including Tier 40), in addition to a set of 15 Energy Stones.

*Please submit a request as detailed below.

GROOVY DISCO: Eligible players will have the Premium Pass track items directly restored to their account.
*No action required by the player.

STARRY POP: Requests will open from 4:00PM May 31, 2024 (UTC)
*Requests will be processed within five business days.
*Download code may be redeemed immediately.

GROOVY DISCO: Data will be restored along with the release of the patch scheduled for 01:00AM June 21, 2024 (UTC)
*No action required by the player.


■System Menu > Options > Other > Contact > (Proceed to SQUARE ENIX Support Center website)
1. Select “Contact” (Email icon)
2. Select the appropriate categories:
Contact Category: Technical Support
Contact Sub-category: Game Data
Summary of your inquiry: Please specify if are using a PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5.
3. Select “Next”
*The next screen will display the message, “We were not able to locate the support information related to your issue.” Please select "Next" to proceed.
4. Select “Proceed to Email Support.”
Contact Email Address: Please include the e-mail address to receive the download code.
Detailed Condition: Please enter, “FOAMSTARS: Season Pass Reset.”
5. Select “Next.”

*No action required by the player.

We offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. We are actively working to prevent similar issues in the future.

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.