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2024/05/01 16:30 from FOAMSTARS

Patch Notification (1 May 2024) Update Version 3.20

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.
The game will be updated as of 2 May 2024 (01:00 UTC).
The content of this update is detailed as below:

The following changes were made based on feedback.
■Penalties for intentional disconnects / AFK
Players will be penalised for intentionally disconnecting during battles and via the Character Select screen, or for being idle for a long period of time during a battle (going AFK).
Penalised players will be unable to join a match for a set amount of time.
The Live Ops Team carefully reviews game logs before issuing a penalty. This process is designed to ensure each issue is judged fairly and that only intentional disconnects are escalated for penalties.

■Radiant Rhythms Gardens: Spawn Camping
On this map, the opposing team can move close to your respawn area, so we have adjusted the respawn location to make sure players rejoin the battle at a random spot away from the enemy.

■Tutorial Dialogue Skip
Added option to skip dialogue during the tutorial.

■Environment and Music Sync
Neon lights in the lounge and battle maps are now synced to the music.

■Bug Fixes
Chloe Noir
Fixed the following issues that occur under specific circumstances:
•SSS gauge fills faster than intended.
•Not being able to perform a normal shot after activating her SSS.
•Not being able to fly as high as intended when activating her SSS.

Mel T
•Fixed issue where normal shots fired immediately after getting off the slideboard would not track opponent.

Squad Missions
Fixed a memory leak issue on PlayStation®4 that causes the application to crash.

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.

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