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2024/04/12 17:00 from FOAMSTARS

Patch Notification (13 April 2024) Update Version 3.10

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.
The game will be updated as of 13 April 2024 (01:00 UTC).
The content of this update is detailed as below:

■ New FOAMSTAR: Chloe Noir
Please refer to the official website for character details.
Unlocked as a Tier 31 reward in the free "MYSTERIOUS SWING" Season Pass.
Unlocked immediately with a Premium Pass.

■ Additional Skill Gems
Fourth Bubble Gem slot added.
•Added unique Skill Gems for each Foamstar to augment their normal skills and superstar skills.

■ Maximum Player Level Increased
•Maximum player level raised to 250.
•Added a new challenge that rewards 25 Energy Stones. The challenge occurs with every fifth level gained.

■Ranked Party: Updates
The following changes were made based on feedback:
  ・Lowered frequency and RP required to trigger Rank-Up Challenges.
  ・Rank-Up Challenges now require 0 RP.
  ・If you rank up without a Rank-Up Challenge, the RP earned from your next rank will be added to your current RP.

■Shop Update
•Premium Pass: MYSTERIOUS SWING added to the Shop.
•The new emote, "Home Run (Slide-kick)," can be used as a slide-kick.
•Added one free item per week to Limited Products section.
•Improved loading time of item images.

■Foamstar Mission Update
Added a secret Foamstar Mission.

■New Challenges
New challenges with new rewards added.

■New Titles
New default titles added.

■New Battle Background Music
Added "Clean Getaway," the theme of the MYSTERIOUS SWING Season.

■Illustration Added
Added illustrations depicting the daily lives of The Baristador and Mel T.
"*""Vegas is a colorful town. As colorful as the characters in it."" and ""I made a promise with my grandma..."" are unlocked by entering the Lobby.

Character balance adjusted as follows:
・Adjusted shot SFX, controller vibration and hit effect to convey strength of shot.

Skill: Bubble Step
  ・Increased cooldown by 25%.

■System: Continuous Play
After a Battle, instead of returning to the Lounge, you now return to the Rules select screen to let you get into the next Battle faster.

■Title Combinations
Certain title combinations are no longer selectable.

■ Extreme Party: Updates
Two new types of Extreme Parties will be held this season with unique rules.
*New challenge added that rewards 20 Energy Stones for playing in a certain number of battles.

■ Bug Fixes
  ・Improved issue where application would crash or freeze under certain conditions.

  ・Fixed issue where Ramzey would go through the floor during the section, "Foam up your opponent."

Rave Breaker
 Skill: The Party's Over
  ・Fixed issue where Foamstar Mission (PVE) damage values were also mistakenly used in Battles (PVP).

Jet Justice
 Skill: Jet Vacuum Sphere
  ・Fixed issue where Foamstar Mission (PVE) damage values were also mistakenly used in Battles (PVP).

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.

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