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2024/03/08 17:00 from FOAMSTARS

Patch Notification (9 March 2024) Update Version 2.1

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.
The game will be updated as of 9 March 2024 (01:00 UTC).
The content of this update is detailed as below:

■ New FOAMSTAR: Coiff Guy
•Please refer to the official website for character details.
•Unlocked as a Season Tier 31 reward in the free "GROOVY DISCO" Season Pass.
•Unlocked immediately with a Premium Pass.
■ Season Event: Happy FriYAY Party
A special Happy FriYAY party will be held from the first day of the new season in addition to a Happy FriYAY parties during the final week of the season!
■ Season Event: Extreme Party
Two new types of Extreme Parties will be held this season with unique rules.
■ Season Event: Ranked Party
This season will also feature solo Ranked Party Lonestar and group Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe events.
Based on user feedback, Ranked Parties will now be available during the entire season.
*Please refer to the latest FOAMSTARS blog on the Square Enix official homepage or follow the social accounts for event schedules.
■ Ranked Party: Updates
Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe will be available from the first day of the season, followed later by Ranked Party Lonestar.
Ranked Party Lonestar Updates
•Changed to 3 matches.
•Lowered frequency of Rank-Up Challenges.
•Rank-Up Challenges now require 0 RP.
•If you rank up without a Rank-Up Challenge, the RP earned from your next rank will be added to your current RP.
•Matching adjusted for better team balancing.
■ Shop Update
•New items added to Shop.
•Premium Pass: GROOVY DISCO added to the Shop.
•Added one free item per week to Limited Products section.
■ FOAMSTAR Mission Update
Added FOAMSTAR Missions 4-6.
*Mission 6 is a boss battle versus Dark Ramzey.

Character balance adjusted as follows:
Skill: Bubble Step
  ・When inputting pushing "down" on the left analog stick, the camera angle now tracks better with the direction you're shooting in.
Superstar Skill: Gotta Crush
  ・Added vibration when you are hit by foam.
 *We will continue to consider balance adjustments for Soa based on win rate, usage rate, and other factors.

Jet Justice
Superstar Skill: Galactic Bubble Shield
  ・You can now rotate the camera during the skill startup animation.

The Baristador
Skill: Super City Roast
  ・Added a visual effect when Toraja attacks.
Superstar Skill: Latte Art Royal
  ・You can now rotate the camera during the skill startup animation.

Mel T
Skill: Sumptuous Promo
  ・You can now rotate the camera while taking aim.

  ・Slightly increased controller vibration when hit (PlayStation®4 only).
  ・Camera can be rotated after being shot out of a launch popper.
  ・Added explanation of the various types of shots.
Support Skill: Penguin Clone
  ・When used by Soa, Penny Gwyn or Tonix, adjusted behavior to be more like that FOAMSTAR's shot.
Bubble Beastie: Bat-type
  ・Doubled the width of the laser range preview.

Bubble Beastie: Boar-type
  ・Added hit stun to the player for physical attacks.
  ・When attacking the Energy Core, added camera and foam shake.
Bubble Beastie: Hedgehog-type (L)
  ・Added explosion range preview.

■ UI
  ・Added item names to Shop: Standard Products.
  ・Made liquid gauge recovery effect easier to see.
  ・Added icon to signify network latency in battle.

  ・Improved issue where certain conditions would causesometimes an application error would occur or for the application to would stop responding.

  ・Fixed issue where matching would fail if the host disbanded a group after playing Versus or Mission mode, then matched with a player.
  ・Fixed issue where, the application would become unresponsive or the group would not function properly if you accepted a group invitation and returned immediately to the Title Screen, the application would become unresponsive or the group would not function properly.
  ・Fixed issue where, if matching finished the moment someone in the group selected "Change Teams," the battle would begin with an uneven number of players.

  ・Fixed issue where a FOAMSTAR would glide if you repeatedly alternated between sliding and throwing.
  ・Fixed issue where you would sometimes be prevented from canceling your previous action when using the same skill in rapid succession.
  ・Fixed issue where there was more knockback than intended if a FOAMSTAR was knocked down or received knockback in rapid succession.

Penny Gwyn
Skill: Penguin Squad
  ・Fixed issue where post-shot lag could only be cancelled by moving.

The Baristador
Skill: Super City Roast
  ・Fixed issue where enemy knockback was less than intended when activating the skill mid-air.

Mel T
Skill: Sumptuous Promo
  ・Fixed issue allowing Mel T to jump higher than intended after activation.
   *We will continue to consider balance adjustments for Mel T.

Lounge Decoration
  ・Fixed issue where you would be unable to interact with objects when "Use X Button for Enter" is set to OFF (PlayStation®4 only).

  ・Banner Plates listed as "Obtained by clearing Squad Missions" can now be obtained by completing the appropriate Squad Mission on Hard.

  ・Fixed issue preventing the new icon (red circle) from disappearing from the City Map and Gallery during a Happy FriYAY party.

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.

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