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2022/05/02 09:00 from Chocobo GP

Notice about the extension of Chocobo GP season one and changes to some systems (02/05/2022)

Thank you for playing Chocobo GP.

The end dates and times for the currently running season one have been changed as outlined below.

Old = Ends at 14:59 on Monday 16/05/2022 (JST)
New = Ends at 14:59 on Monday 30/05/2022 (JST)

In addition, we had previously announced that any gil players have remaining at the end of a season will be converted and added to their season score when the new season begins, but this has now been changed so remaining gil will be carried over to the next season instead.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that these content changes cause and ask for your understanding.

The time attack rankings for all courses will be reset at the beginning of each new season. Watch out for full details about season two coming soon.

Thank you for supporting Chocobo GP.