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I am encountering errors or crashes when launching Life is Strange 2.

If you are encountering issues with Life is Strange 2, we strongly advise that you first copy your save game to a peripheral device or to the cloud:

- If you play on the Steam version of the game, your save file for Life is Strange 2 is located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Dontnod\<user-id>\LIS2\Saved\SaveGames\, and reads "GameSave_Slot#.sav". Copy this file on a peripheral device.

- On PlayStation®4, follow the instructions on this page to save your game data on a peripheral device. If you subscribed to PS Plus, you can upload your save following these steps:
     ▲ Select your profile and navigate to Settings → Application Data Management → Saved Data in System Storage → Upload to Online Storage.
     ▲ Select the Life is Strange 2 and then the file you would like to upload. Select [Yes] to overwrite the cloud file.

- On Xbox One, your saves are automatically uploaded on the cloud. You may find more information on this process here.

Once you have backed up your save game, please uninstall and reinstall the game, then copy your save game back to your device and launch the game as usual.
If the issue still persists after these steps,  your save may be corrupted. Please consider reinstalling and starting a new game.

Please note that if the game crashes on launch on PC, we strongly recommend that you check your graphics card settings to ensure that you are using a dedicated GPU over an integrated GPU.

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