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What are each store's bonus items?

Pre-order bonus items and early purchase bonus items will be available until 1st May.

Windows Store:
- Pre-order bonus items
- FFXV Battle Upgrade Pack (Dodanuki, Elixir×10, Phoenix downs×10)
- Early purchase bonus items - cross-save with Xbox One edition

- Pre-order bonus items
- FFXV Fashion Collection (EPG, EPP, EPI, Comrades T-shirts)
- Early purchase bonus items
- Half-life collaboration items
* Please note that the Steam pre-order bonus is only available if you pre-ordered the game directly on Steam.

- Pre-order bonus items
- FFXV Decal Selection (EPG, EPP, EPI, Comrades stickers)
- Early purchase bonus items
- The Sims 4 collaboration items