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KB Article: 81555
KB Category: [Technical Support]
KB Sub-category: [Crash / Freeze]

Tactics Ogre: Reborn crashes on my PC.

If your game crashes, please try the steps below to resolve the issue:
  • Please make sure that your PC is connected to the internet and you've got the latest version of the game installed 
  • Make sure that your graphic card drivers are up-to-date
  • Re-start your PC
If you continue to have issues, please try re-installing the game and see whether the issue persists.

If none of these steps help to resolve your issue, you can also contact us by submitting an enquiry via the contact button in the top right corner. 

When contacting us, it will help greatly if you can attach both the Msinfo and Dxdiag files from your PC. Please find below the steps to generate those files:

  • Open the Start Menu then type the following in the search box: msinfo32
  • Press the Enter-key on your keyboard
  • Once the System Information tool has loaded fully, click on File > Save – name the file msinfo and make sure the type is .nfo
  • Save the file onto your desktop – this might take several minutes

IMPORTANT: Please wait at least a minute before closing the System Information tool as closing it too early might cause errors in the generated msinfo.nfo file, even if it looks like the saving process has been completed.​​​​​​​

  • Click Start > Type the following in the search box: dxdiag  
  • Press the Enter-key on your keyboard
  • If you are asked to check if the 'drivers are digitally signed', click Yes.
  • Click the 'Save All Information' button and save the file to your desktop.

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