Important Announcements

PS4™ Digital Purchase Problems resolved

If you were having trouble accessing the game after purchasing the PS4™ version on the PlayStation®Store earlier this week, you may be prompted to apply another license to your Square Enix account the next time you log in. Please select or create a new service account for this other license and rest assured that no changes have been made to your existing service account. If you continue to experience problems with your FFXIV:ARR PSN Store purchase, please contact Sony Support.

Invalid promotion code when upgrading from PS3™ to PS4™?

If you already have the client installed, you can simply launch the game and log in. You don’t need to use this code to download the client. If you haven’t installed the client yet, it’s available for free to players who have upgraded from PS3™ to PS4™.
IMPORTANT – it is still necessary to perform the transfer from the Mog Station.

Everything about the PlayStation®4 version

Please go here.

Trying to make a payment and receiving an error 601 and/or 401?

If you are encountering such an error, please first confirm with your bank that there are no restrictions on your card for online transactions. For further information, please refer to this article.


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