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I completed the transfer, but I have forgotten my PlayOnline password.

When editing the password for a PlayOnline ID that has already been transferred, you are not required to enter the ‘Current Password’ and can reset your password by simply entering a new one.

If you lose/forget your PlayOnline password after transferring accounts, then please login to the Square Enix Account Management System and reset your PlayOnline password from there.


After resetting your PlayOnline password from the Square Enix Account Management System you will also need to enter your new password in ‘Member Settings’ on the PlayOnline Viewer.

Please follow the steps below to ensure you can successfully login to PlayOnline/FFXI

◆How to change your PlayOnline Password
(1) Firstly login to the Square Enix Account Management System, then click on ‘Select Service’ from the left hand menu.

(2) Select PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI.

(3) Select the Service Account (previously PlayOnline ID) you wish to edit and click on ‘Options List’.

(4) Select ‘Change PlayOnline Password’ under ‘PlayOnline ID Options’ in the lower part of the ‘Options List’ screen. Next, follow the on-screen instructions and advice when resetting your password.

(5) Once you have completed step (4) above, please ensure that you also register the new PlayOnline password in your ‘Member Settings’.

◆ How to edit your PlayOnline Viewer Member Settings

Please refer to number 10 from the link above on the Members List settings for the PlayOnline Viewer after transferring to a Square Enix account. The entry field and required information can be found in the screenshot provided.

(1) Firstly launch the PlayOnline Viewer and select the PlayOnline ID for which you have changed the password from the Member List, then select ‘Change Settings’.

(2) If your password settings are set to ‘Enter and Save’ on the ‘Change Member Settings’ page, then please enter your newly registered PlayOnline password under ‘PlayOnline Password.’

(3) Now check the settings for the Square Enix ID you have transferred to and the One Time Password. Finally, please click on ‘Confirm’ and save the settings if the details entered are correct.

※Please make sure you enter your details correctly as your ‘PlayOnline password’ and ‘Member Password’ must be configured separately.