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How do I use the Software Token?

I want to make changes to a subscription.

I am currently using SQUARE ENIX Security Token to log into my PlayOnline account. I also want to use SQUARE ENIX Security Token to log into FINAL FANTASY XIV. What do I need to do?

Where can I buy a security token?

How do I add more Crysta to my account?

How do I use my security token?

How can I see which email addresses are registered on my account?

How do I remove the Software Token from my Square Enix account?

How do I re-install the Software Token?

Pricing and Payment

I am receiving a “Your account has been terminated” message when attempting to log into my Square Enix account.

I cannot log in to my account.

I got a message saying "The Square Enix ID, date of birth, and registration password you entered do not match."

I am unable to download the Software Token.

How do I take measures to prevent my account from being compromised?

What is "compromised access"?

The Square Enix account was accessed by an unauthorised third party!

How do I forcibly remove the Software Token?

How does the login restriction work?

What is a One-Time Password/SQEX security token?

Number of Hits 49 cases (Display cases between 21 - 40)   Previous Page Next Page