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EU Fan Festival: How to ensure you receive your merchandise pre-purchase email if you have unsubscribed from Square Enix newsletters in the past.

Ticket holders for the Festival 2017 in Frankfurt will be given exclusive access to merchandise pre-sales before the event via a special website in January 2017.

In order to complete a transaction on this special website, users will need to input a unique code included in an email sent to the email addresses used to buy tickets on Eventbrite.

These emails will be dispatched when the pre-purchase page launches in January 2017 (an announcement will be made when pre-purchases begin). However, pre-purchase emails will not be sent to email addresses unsubscribed from Square Enix newsletters. If your ticket was purchased by a relative or a friend, the code will be sent to the email address they registered. Please be sure to ask them to share it with you.

If you have unsubscribed from Square Enix emails in the past, please follow the steps outlined below to ensure you receive your merchandise pre-purchase email.

If you possess an account with Square Enix Membership:
- Sign in to your account, and visit “Settings”
- In the ‘Basic Information’ section, click “Manage your email subscriptions”
- Select “Receive emails”

If you do not have an account with Square Enix Membership and have unsubscribed from FFXIV newsletters:
- Open the last email received from SQUARE ENIX: noreply@xmail.square-enix.com
- Click the “Unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of the email
- Select “Receive emails”

If you have purchased tickets to the European Fan Festival and have not received an email with a pre-purchase code within 24 hours of the initial announcement, please contact us by using the "Contact" button above.