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[PC] The game is suffering from performance issues/lag/stuttering

Depending on the settings used, the game might be suffering from performance issues such as lag and stuttering.

1- Make sure that your system meets the system requirements.

2- Make sure that your drivers are updated (Framework, PhysX, DX runtime, GPU drivers).
     Framework :
     DX runtime:

Avoid installing Nvidia’s GeForce Experience or AMD’s Raptr applications unless required to do so. These often try to “tweak” your game and feature overlays that might not bode well with the tested title. Select the “custom” option when installing drivers and uncheck the aforementioned software.

3- Make sure that you have no other applications running in the background.

4- Change the graphical settings and resolution. Please note that Graphic Presets impact the game significantly. For graphic cards with 2GB of VRAM, Low Graphic preset is recommended. For High, a 4GB graphic card is recommended while for Very High and Ultra, a 6GB and 8GB graphic card is recommended respectively.
Other settings that may help:
- Turn off MSAA
- Turn off Contact Hardening Shadows
- Turn off Volumetric Lighting
- Enable Exclusive Fullscreen
5- Use the Benchmark tool found in Main Menu > Extra. This can help narrow down the best settings for your system

Further information on graphical options can be found here.