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I cannot find DLC I purchased.

If you registered any DLC, please check that it has been installed. For the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions, please go to the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided page in the PSN / Xbox Live Store, select Add-Ons and install any missing DLC. For the PC version, select Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in your library and check if the DLC is shown as installed in the list of DLCs.

In the game, you can access your DLC in the following ways:

Additional missions
- Accessible in the main menu, no story progress required

- Open the menu while playing and select inventory
- Switch to the storage and select the item you want to use
- The item will now be added to your inventory

- Open the menu while playing and select outfits
- Select the outfit you want to use
- Save the game and reload to switch the outfit

- Please note that in order to see any of your extra augmentations you will need to complete the augmentation tutorial in-game first.