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How to Purchase and View the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt Live Stream?

Purchasing before the Frankfurt Fan Festival has begun:
Simply follow these steps if you wish to purchase the stream before the event has taken place:

1- Visit the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt Live Stream website (English):

2- Select the "Buy | €29.99" button to begin your purchase.

3- Choose whether to log in using a social media account (Facebook or Google) or to create a Cleeng account using an e-mail address. Note that during this step, you can choose the Country Flag in the lower left corner to change the language of the page if you so desire.
- If logging in via Facebook, follow the steps shown on screen to continue.
- If logging in via Google, follow the steps shown on screen to continue.
- If logging in by creating an account with your e-mail address, follow the steps on screen to continue.

4- Next you will be able to select a payment option: credit card or PayPal. The total price will be listed in the currency of your region. Follow the on-screen instructions to input payment details and pay for the stream.

5- Once the payment has been completed, an e-mail receipt that contains your in-game item code, as well as redemption instructions, will be sent to the e-mail address used when signing up (or the e-mail associated with your social network account).
- Click here for details on redeeming the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt item code.

6- You're all set to enjoy the stream! Return to the Live Stream site (http://ffxivfanfestivalFrankfurt.cleeng.com/) during the Fan Festival event period and the video will play automatically. If you see a notice about purchasing, you can choose the option "Already have a ticket?" to log in again.

The archived footage will be available after the event has concluded. Note that there may be a delay until it is available.

Purchasing after the Frankfurt Fan Festival has concluded:
If the event has already concluded, follow these steps to purchase access to the archived videos and to receive the in-game bonus item.

1- Simply visit the video archive site (http://ffxivfanfestivalFrankfurt.cleeng.com/) to access and purchase the archive by clicking the "BUY PASS! | €29.99" button.

2- From here, follow the same steps as outlined above to sign up and complete your purchase.

3- Once complete, you will be able to immediately access the archived video.
- Purchasing the subscription pass after the event will also include the Fan Festival in Frankfurt bonus item code.