Secret of Mana
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Product Information

The following features were added to "Secret of Mana" with version 3.0.3:

- Physical controller support
- Retina display
- Option to loop BGM

You must have at least iOS 7.0 in order to use a physical controller.
The following controllers are confirmed to be compatible with "Secret of Mana":

- G550 PowerShell controller
- Steel Series Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller
- Logitech G550 PowerShell Controller + battery

Supported Platforms
Although it's possible to play "Secret of Mana" on iPad as well as iPhone, it is not a universal app which means the resolution will not be optimized on iPad.
iPhone 4 or later (iPhone 4s or later recommended)
iPad 3rd generation
iPad mini or later
iPod touch 5th generation touch or later
iOS version 4.3 (minimum) is required on your device.

Android devices with OS 2.3 or later versions

Supported Languages:
- English
- Japanese
- French
- Chinese (simplified & traditional)

To change the in-game voices, select "OTP" from the title menu, then tap the button to the left of "Language Settings" to choose your language.

Release Date:
- Super Nintendo: 03 October 1993
- Virtual Console: 13 October 2008
- iOS: 20 December 2010