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“The Lodestone” Website Guidelines

All users of “The Lodestone” website must accept the terms of the FINAL FANTASY® XIV User Agreement as well as these “The Lodestone” Website Guidelines (“Guidelines”). In case of any conflict, the terms of the User Agreement shall supersede the terms in these Guidelines.
Please review the following Guidelines carefully.

Purpose of “The Lodestone” Website

    “The Lodestone” is being offered as a means to provide FINAL FANTASY XIV players with an official source of game-related announcements, to encourage community building and facilitate communication among players by providing tools for blog creation and the ability to browse character pages,

Proper Use of “The Lodestone” Website

    When using any of the communication tools provided on “The Lodestone”, please be careful not to post content that could be considered offensive or slanderous by others or any content that violates the User Agreement or these Guidelines. When communicating online, meaning can be lost and comments can be misunderstood. Please be sure to take extra care when dealing with your fellow players.

Prohibited Behaviour

    Behaviour that falls into the following categories is strictly prohibited and may result in Square Enix taking action including but not limited to: editing, deleting, locking or moving the content in question, restricting usage of “The Lodestone,” revoking FINAL FANTASY XIV user status, or banning the Square Enix Account associated with the content.

    • Posting content that violates the User Agreement
    • Posting content that is off-topic or does not follow the theme of the category or thread
    • Posting “spam,” blank posts, and posts without content
    • Making multiple posts containing the same content
    • Taking any other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Square Enix in its sole discretion.

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