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FINAL FANTASY® XIV Forum Guidelines

In order to keep the forums a pleasant place for everyone, please adhere to the following guidelines. Note that these guidelines are incorporated into the Square Enix Account Terms of Use, located here.

In addition to the restrictions set out in the Square Enix Account Terms of Use, the following actions are not allowed while participating in the forums. With the intention of improving the experience of the game for all participants, if a post includes any of the following violations, we reserve the right to take action including, but not limited to, editing/deleting/locking/moving the content without notice, restricting your forum usage, temporarily suspending either your FINAL FANTASY XIV Account or Square Enix Account, or permanently banning either your FINAL FANTASY XIV Account or Square Enix Account.

  • Posting content that does not follow the theme of the category or thread.
  • Posting content that deviates from topics concerning FINAL FANTASY XIV.
  • Posting spam, including meaningless characters and white space.
  • Posting a number of posts with the same content.
  • Taking or discussing criminal actions.
  • Posting that constitutes discrimination against another forum member or group (also including forming groups for the purpose of discrimination), insults, slander, libel, harassment of a group or individual.
  • Use of inappropriate or aggressive language.
  • Posting obscenity, pornography, propaganda, or other expressions unrelated to the game.
  • Posting about commercial, business, advertising, political, or religious matters.
  • Posting that would violate anti-stalking laws or orders.
  • Posting personal information about yourself or other specific individuals.
  • Posting aimed to create a negative impact on the community or its members.
  • Impersonating another person or taking action that might reasonably be mistaken as the actions of another.
  • Reproducing, duplicating, altering, supplementing, changing, or other secondary use of this Service’s software, either whole or in part.
  • Posting seeking to damage or disparage Square Enix, the forum, FINAL FANTASY XIV, or others.
  • Posting content that seeks to interfere with the running of FINAL FANTASY XIV.
  • Posting content with the intention of criticizing either Square Enix staff or specific individuals.
  • Doing anything that is obstructs the use of the forum or FINAL FANTASY XIV for other users.
  • Infringing upon Square Enix's or any third party’s intellectual property (copyright, trademark, etc.) rights or privacy rights.
  • Undertaking any RMT-related actions, including selling items, gil, or accounts for real world currency.
  • Attempting to harm or obstruct the operation or use of this forum.
  • Doing anything that is prohibited in the Square Enix Account Terms of Use.
  • Taking any other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Square Enix in our sole discretion.

These guidelines were updated on: 5/13, 2011

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