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Please tell me about account penalties.

Account Penalty Policy

■About account penalties
In the event of confirmation of prohibited behaviour (a violation) under the Final Fantasy XIV User Agreement or Square Enix Account Terms of Use, a penalty appropriate to the violation will be applied to the Final Fantasy XIV service account. 
Players that have previously received a penalty to their account must take extra care to abide by the rules and policies to avoid losing access to their service account permanently, as the severity of account penalties taken against a player increase with each instance, up to termination of the service account or even the Square Enix account. Certain behaviour, however, may warrant immediate termination.

■Types of penalty
There are six levels of penalty in ascending order of severity: "Caution", "Warning", "Temporary Service Account Suspension (3 Days)", "Temporary Service Account Suspension (10 Days)", "Temporary Service Account Suspension (20 Days)", "Service Account Termination".

"Caution" is the least severe penalty and is applied when a relatively minor violation is confirmed. Depending on the nature of the violation, Square Enix may provide the player with guidance on how to improve their behaviour to prevent further violations of this type in the future. Please follow any such advice.

"Warning" is a penalty applied for minor violations for which a more severe penalty than a Caution is required. As with a Caution, depending on the nature of the violation, an instruction for improvement may be given with regard to the violation. Please follow any instructions.

◆Temporary Service Account Suspension
"Temporary Service Account Suspension" is a penalty applied when a serious violation is confirmed. When a Temporary Service Account Suspension penalty is applied, the user will not be able to play Final Fantasy XIV during the applicable suspension period.

There are three types of Temporary Service Account Suspension: 3 Days, 10 Days and 20 Days. The duration of the suspension period is determined according to the severity of the violation, combined with the player’s record of past violations. Even if a Caution or Warning was not applied in respect of past behaviour, a temporary suspension may be imposed depending on the nature of the violation.

* About the temporary suspension period
If a temporary suspension penalty is applied, this will take effect immediately, but the suspension period will be counted from 12:00 a.m. the following day. For example, if a 3-day penalty is applied on 1 January at 6:00 p.m., play will not be possible during the 6-hour period until 12:00 a.m. on 2 January, and also during the 3-day period from then, i.e. a total of 3 days and 6 hours. We will not accept any liability for the reduction in game availability resulting from the suspension, including the refund of the Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Fee for the suspended period.

* About the scope of the temporary suspension
During the suspension period, it will not be possible to use any of the Final Fantasy XIV service accounts contracted with the Square Enix account.
For example, if two Final Fantasy XIV service accounts "A" and "B" are contracted with the Square Enix account, and a suspension penalty is applied to "A", it will not be possible to use either "A" or "B". Note that it will be possible to access services other than Final Fantasy XIV, such as login to the Square Enix account management system.

* About the review process for service account termination
If a service account suspension penalty is applied, a review will always be carried out to determine whether a service account termination should be implemented. As well as being a penalty for a violation, the temporary suspension period is also the period during which this review will take place. Depending on the nature of the violation, the review process for permanent suspension may not be completed during the temporary suspension period. In this case, the temporary suspension period will be extended until the review is completed.

■Account Penalties Escalation 
All actions taken against a service account are recorded permanently. In the event of a player committing multiple violations, the previous violations and service account actions are taken into account. 
If a violation is repeated, a heavier penalty may be applied in the second instance of such violation. If the past record includes a Temporary Service Account Suspension, essentially a more severe penalty than the previous Temporary Service Account Suspension will be applied, even if the repeated violation was equivalent to Caution or Warning.

For example, if a Temporary Service Account Suspension (3 Days) penalty was applied in the past and a violation equivalent to Caution is confirmed, a Temporary Service Account Suspension (10 Days) penalty or higher penalty may be applied.

◆ Service Account Termination
A service account termination can be placed on an account in the event of a severe violation or as a result of escalation of account penalties. A Service Account Termination will permanently remove your access to Final Fantasy XIV. In addition, any other Final Fantasy XIV service accounts that are associated with that Square Enix account will also be terminated.

For example, if a player has five service accounts for Final Fantasy XIV and other Square Enix account services and receives an account termination on one of the Final Fantasy XIV service accounts, they will also lose access to the other four Final Fantasy XIV service accounts, but retain access to the other Square Enix services.

Service Accounts that have been terminated will not be reinstated under any circumstances. Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances.  Please review the Refunds section in the Final Fantasy XIV User Agreement for further information.

Note: In exceptional circumstances, the Square Enix account may be subject to compulsory cancellation.

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