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Phial for Fantasia – Editing your in-game character’s appearance

The miraculous Phial of Fantasia grants you an opportunity to edit your character's appearance in any fashion you desire. Please see below for the restrictions and limitations of the service, as well as resolutions for potential issues you may encounter.


The Phial of Fantasia grants you a single opportunity to edit your appearance* in the character creation screen upon your next login. The features you may change are race, gender, appearance, date of birth, and guardian.

*The Fantasia will not enable you to change your starting class (starting city) or name.

Phials of Fantasia are available at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store where you may purchase them in quantities of 1 phial, 3 phials or 5 phials at a time. Please note that you may purchase every quantity of phials multiple times. The Phial or Phials of Fantasia will then be delivered to a selected character on your service account via in-game Mog letter.

By using the Phial of Fantasia in-game and then logging out, you will be able to edit your character the next time you log in by right clicking (or pressing the square button) on your character in the character selection screen.
You must remove all gear from your character except for your main armament when using the Fantasia.

Precautions when editing your character: 
     - You may edit your character at a later time as long as you do not finalise your changes in the editing screen.
     - There is no deadline for editing your character. You will be able to edit your character at any time as long as you do not finalise your changes in the editing screen.
     - The Fantasia will be consumed even if the new appearance you finalise does not differ from your character's original appearance.

The Phial of Fantasia will be delivered to your selected character in-game via Mog Letter.

The Fantasia cannot be traded with others or sold on the markets. However, it is possible to purchase a Phial of Fantasia for someone else by selecting the “Gift a Friend” option at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store. For more information regarding this purchase option, please visit this knowledge base article.

Any edits that you make to your character's appearance after using a Fantasia potion will be lost if you have logged out during a duty and then re-customised your character.

To remedy this, abandon the duty and log out of the game completely. Then, when you next log in and re-customise your character, you can log into the game which will save those changes correctly.

Please ensure you are happy with your character's appearance before editing again as the previous customisation is not saved.

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