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I have problems with my PS4 Stormblood Registration Code. What do I do?

We are aware that some players who bought the PS4 Standard Edition of Stormblood are experiencing issues when redeeming their game code on PSN. Players affected could either see that:
a) The code was invalid/used when trying to redeem, or 
b) Early Access entitlement was added to their account.

We have investigated the issue and can now confirm that it has been resolved. 

Players who didn’t redeem the game code included in the game package before 17:00 (GMT)/18:00 (BST) on June 20th can do so via the usual process by following these instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions

I received error message “WC-40372-6” when entering my game code for the first time on PSN. What should I do?

If you receive the below error message when attempting to redeem the code included in your game package on PSN for the first time, please contact the Support Centre via this form.

Error Message: “This PlayStation™Network Card number has already been used. (WC-40372-6)”


I redeemed the game code included in my package before the fix on June 20th and only received Early Access. How do I get my full game entitlement?

If you redeemed your game code before 17:00 (GMT)/18:00 (BST) on June 20th and only received the Early Access entitlement, please contact the Support Centre to have the relevant entitlement added to your account via this form.


I tried to redeem my Early Access code after launch on June 20th, but I did not receive my bonuses. How can I get the bonus items?

If you pre-ordered the game but did not redeem your Early Access code by 17:00 (GMT)/18:00 (BST) on June 20th, you will need to contact the Support Centre in order to obtain your Early Access bonuses. The game code included in your package will remain valid for the FFXIV: Stormblood entitlement.

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